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Technology Distribution

With specialization in planning, designing and deployments of cutting edge digital business solutions for Large, Medium and Small Enterprises in both public and the organize private sector of any Economy .

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CCTV /Security Industries

  1. City Safety Monitoring and Surveillance
  2. Farm & Forest Fire Protection
  3. Border Defense Monitoring
  4. Railway and Expressway Monitoring
  5. Seaport and Airport Security and Safety Monitoring
  6. Chemical Plant and Oilfield Monitoring
  7. Criminal Defense
  8. National Security Defense
  9. Other Fields

Supply & Installation

At Access Bull we transforms and drive the transition to Reliable Digital  Solution with our innovative Technologies That protect infrastructure/ data by delivering market leading solutions that seamlessly and efficiently manage/controls, scale and deliver high-tech surveillance monitoring/ protection solutions.

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We are dedicated to delivering comprehensive technology solutions that dramatically reduce and even eliminate problems without hiring additional IT staff outside what is duly required .

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Why Choose Us?

This is one of the reasons why choosing us will be the best
choice you’ll make.

Modern Technology

We take pride in with bringing you amazing modern / innovative & reliable solutions
that meet your needs and it's up till date!

Powerfull Culture.

Since its establishment, Access Bull have established the good enterprise culture at all levels of its operations as a company

Quality Materials

The process of choosing materials is a vital step in product design, as the reliability of the design depends on the materials chosen. It's said that Quality is a judgment of how excellent something or someone is

Affordable Price

We pride ourselves with bringing you amazing reliable solutions
that meet your needs. We have a good look at your processes and
ensure that you get the perfect solution that brings you the best
value at the lowest cost and effort.

Professional Team

We strive to work productively and in cooperation with each other, fostering a healthy atmosphere of mutual support, and in turn, allowing everyone to achieve their own work-related goals.

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Our Process

  • Initiate
  • Plan
  • Execute
  • Monitor

Project initiation is the first phase of a project’s life cycle. It is at this point where the opportunity or reason for the project is identified and a project is developed to take advantage of that opportunity. Access Bull Limited will always be there for you from the very first call.

Project planning is the process of defining your objectives and scope, your goals and milestones (deliverables), and assigning tasks and budgetary resources for each step. A good plan is easily shareable with everyone involved, and it’s most useful when it’s revisited regularly.

The execution phase involves carrying out the activities defined in the planning phase and Access Bull Limited will never let you down.

The monitoring and control phase involves making sure the project is on track and incorporating any necessary changes. And this we do end-to-end for you at the same time as the planning and execution phases.

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